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    A Diversified Investment Group with a Global Perspective

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    A Significant Investor in the World's Financial Markets


    Mining Some of the World's Most Precious Stones


    A Market Leader in Emeralds and Alexandrites

Who Are We?

NorthCapital is a European based investment group founded in 2015.

Historically our focus has been on the precious stones sector primarily in Brazil where NorthCapital has earned a position as a significant investor and world market leader in Emeralds and Alexandrites.

Since our start in 2015 we have aimed to expand our base and develop into a multi-asset investment group with a global perspective.

Natural Resources

NorthCapital’s main business is in the precious stones sector in Brazil where NorthCapital has earned a position as a significant producer and supplier of Emeralds and Alexandrites.

In our group we have our own mining assets with natural deposits of emeralds and alexandrites in the Itabira, Minas Gerais area in Brazil.

Our mining companies are producing some of the worlds most sought after precious stones.

Precious Stones

Over the years we have produced and acquired a very significant stock of rough precious stones that we plan to use as the basis for the development of our group.

In Brazil NorthCapital has earned a position as a leading investor and market leader particularly in Emeralds and Alexandrites.


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