Polymar og NorthCapital udvikler banebrydende herpes medicin

Banebrydende Herpes Medicin

Polymar and NorthCapital join forces and co-operate in the development of  ground breaking herpes Medicine.

In connection with NorthCapital’s activities in Brazil, a co-operation has been established with various institutes under the University of Fortaleza in Brazil and in this connection a joint venture co-operation with the Institute of Pharmacology has been initiated.

In 2018 the work with the Institute of Pharmacology resulted in a joint venture on research and development within medicine for the treatment of Herpes.

Herpes is a widespread disease in which the individuals can combat the symptoms today, but not the disease itself. The product and the production method are patented and the tests performed show very good results.

In collaboration with the University of Fortaleza, NorthCapital/Polymar is in the process of registering the product as a medical product and carrying out the additional necessary tests for the product to be approved as a medical product.

Work is continuing in both Brazil and Germany on the further development of pharmaceuticals, all in joint venture structures with local management and management as participants.

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