Ulf Michael Mex

Chief Operational Officer

Ulf Mex
Chief Operational Officer
39 Havnegade
DK-1058 Copenhagen K
Telephone +45 5015 0020
Mobile +49 152 213 43144


Mr. Mex (born 1959) is the Chief Operating Officer of NorthCapital.

Ulf Michael Mex is an engineering graduate (Dipl.Ing.) of Hagen University, Germany.

Ulf Michael Mex has held the position of managing director of NorthCapital Finance GmbH, and prior hereto several technical project management positions in various German high-tech companies like BOSCH (Power train control modules) and DAIMLER BENZ (Development of FuelCell components).

During his career, he collected comprehensive expertise in the OEM-Business of the White Goods Industry and Precision Engineering. He spent 20 years with setting up and managing OEM-supplier companies in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. He is holder of various patents.

He has excellent language skills in German, English, Turkish, West Slavic Languages.

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