Werner Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Werner Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
39 Havnegade
DK-1058 Copenhagen K
Telephone +45 5015 0020
Mobile +49 176 909 11898

Mr. Schmidt (born 1960) is founder, Group CEO and Board Member of NorthCapital.

Mr. Schmidt is a German citizen, and studied accounting, business administration and mining at RWTH Aachen (1982- 1987). He founded his first engineering company in 1984, while completing additional training in open casting mining at Rheinbraun AG, Koln (1984-1985).

He further developed his mining experience at Sophia Jacoba, Huckelhoven (1986- 1987). In the mining sector, he has worked for Saarbergwerke AG, Rheinbraun AG and Robecco.Mr. Schmidt started his professional career with Inform/Arthur Andersen Consulting from 1987-1989, and is sole partner with PADETEC Universadade Federal do Ceara. From 1995-2000, Mr. Schmidt was general partner of the closed end fund series of Grundwert – FONDs. Mr. Schmidt is the advisor to the local governments and agencies in Campo Verde and Coop Verde.

Over the past 20 years, Mr. Schmidt has built a significant and experience and a personal fortune through financial entrepreneurship in banking, mining, minerals trading, investments in precious stones and diamonds, art, real estate and other areas.

Mr. Schmidt is also sole owner of SouthCapital Holdings, a private holding company for much of Mr. Schmidt’s private wealth businesses.

Mr. Schmidt is Chairman of Seabury Capital LLC and its parent company, Seabury International Holdings Inc. Previously, Mr. Schmidt served on the board of directors of Seabury Deutschland GmbH from 2003 to 2008.

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