Natural Resources

Mining some of the most sought after Precious Stones

NorthCapital’s main business is in the precious stones sector in Brazil where we have earned a position as a significant producer and supplier of Emeralds and Alexandrites.

Our mines, with natural deposits of Emeralds and Alexandrites, are situated in the Nova Era and Itabira, Minas Gerais area in Brazil and produce some of the worlds most sought after precious stones.

Petros Stones Minerais do Brasil Ltda

Petros Stones has been in the ownership of Werner Schmidt since the late-nineties and has recently been acquired by NorthCapital.

In Brazil Alexandrites were first discovered in the 70’s in small mines in Espírito Santo and Bahia and quickly gained high international acclaim for its remarkable degree of color change exhibited by these extraordinary gems.

Petros Stones began its activities in 1995, providing extraction and marketing of Alexandrites.

Since the time of the original findings, the Brazilian production of high quality Alexandrites has generally been very small and sporadic, which is also the case in the very few other producing countries. The Pretos Mine, however, ranges among the largest suppliers of this exquisite gemstone and we are a true world market leader in this field.

Our stones are known for their combination of high clarity and exceptional color change effect under any light source.

Alexandrite is a stone for connoisseurs and collectors, and its history, connecting the mountains of Russia and the rainforest of Brazil, makes this treasure even more valuable.

The Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl mineral and gemstone much appreciated and great value. Changes its color according to the light: the natural light is usually olive, but the incandescent light, and filament lamps of fire, assumes red.


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