NorthCapital takes a 33% stake in Seabury International Holdings Inc.

Seabury International Holdings Inc.

NorthCapital is pleased to announce the acquisition of 33% of Seabury International Holdings Inc.

In 2018, NorthCapital entered into a partnership with the US finance group Seabury. The co-operation has since been developed and at the end of 2018, a joint ownership of Seabury International Holdings Inc. was established.

Today NorthCapital is the 33.33% owner of Seabury International Holding Inc. and NorthCapital’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Werner Schmidt serves as chairman of the board of Seabury Capital LLC and of Seabury InternationalHoldings Inc.

For more information on Seabury Capital LLC, please refer to

We expect the partnership with Seabury to strengthen both NorthCapital and Seabury, and through this co-operation NorthCapital will have access to Seabury’s worldwide network and financial expertise in future M&A transactions.

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