Our History

NorthCapital's History

NorthCapital was founded with the purpose of creating an investment holding company for its founder, Werner Schmidt.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Schmidt had built a personal fortune of significant size through financial entrepreneurship, banking, mining, minerals trading, investments in precious stones, real estate and other areas and the idea in 2015 was to consolidate such assets in an efficient vehicle serving as the basis for a future expansion.

Incorporating the holding Company in Denmark was an easy choice as Denmark stood out internationally as an attractive jurisdiction in terms of taxation, commercial and political stability, providing an efficient legal and financial environment for businesses and investors. Moreover Denmark is a long standing member of the European Community.

Historically, Mr. Schmidt, a mining engineer by training, developed a special interest and capability in the precious stones sector. The combination of an outspoken talent in financial engineering, the fall of the Berlin wall and the breakup of old East German structures provided the ideal setting for Mr. Schmidt’s initial entering into the precious stone business.

Together with partners Mr. Schmidt successfully acquired a former East German precious stone enterprise which laid the foundation for Mr. Schmidt’s engagement in this area.

In the following years a number of successful investments in German manufacturing, engineering and real estate companies were made and the earnings from these activities were sourced into a number of investments in precious stones and in the mining business, primarily in Brazil where the first Emeralds and Alexandrites mines were acquired.

Over the subsequent years substantial precious stones assets were acquired or mined earning Werner Schmidt privately a position as one of the dominating investors and market leaders particularly in Emeralds and Alexandrites.

A significant part of Mr. Schmidt’s stock of Precious Stones has been transferred to NorthCapital rendering NorthCapital one of the world’s largest investors in this field.

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